Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) mediation centers are nonprofit organizations that offer alternative dispute settlement to our communities. Michigan’s CDRP mediation centers are an integral part of the Michigan Behavioral Health Mediation Services program, offering mediation services for free to eligible participants.

Through the MBHMS program, you will be connected with your local CDRP representative who becomes your main contact and mediator in your dispute. These CDRPs are not exclusive to MBHMS, but are available for many other reasons as well. Let’s learn more.

In Michigan, CDRP mediation centers offer mediation and restorative practice services to all Michigan residents as an impartial third-party. There are several CDRP centers across the state that are dedicated to resolving disputes. In addition to offering mediation through MBHMS, they offer other services, including restorative justice processes, trainings, small group facilitation, coaching, and more. The Michigan Community Mediation Association advocates on behalf of and collaborates with these centers to promote mediation in Michigan.

These centers offer mediation for many situations where people can’t come to a resolution on their own. Examples of this include neighborhood disagreements, contested wills, custody issues, contract disputes, divorce, and more.

“Mediation is designed to be a fair, neutral process where all parties are respected and heard. Mediators are trained to consider all parties’ perspectives and help those individuals resolve their conflict. Mediation is a powerful court alternative where parties leave more whole than when they began the process,” says Annette Wells, executive director of Community Mediation Services.

By working with one of the state’s CDRPs, you can avoid litigation and decide your own outcome through mediation. They are usually a quicker and more efficient alternative to the judicial system, which can take years to reach a resolution, whereas mediation can resolve a conflict in a fraction of that time.

Mediation allows participants to determine their own outcome, instead of taking a case to court where a judge decides the outcome. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, the CDRP’s mediation services are free through Michigan Behavioral Health Mediation Services.

Contact us today to find out if you’re eligible for Michigan Behavioral Health Mediation Services before reaching out to your local CDRP. You can also call 1-844-3-MEDIATE.