Let’s take a look and learn what to expect when you enter into mediation. Here is a look at one client’s case using Michigan Behavioral Health Mediation Services (MBHMS). For purposes of confidentiality, we will refer to the client as “Leslie.”

Leslie was under the care of Community Mental Health (CMH) services. She was unhappy with the services she was receiving and was seeking a more independent lifestyle. Leslie was frustrated with the system and wanted an outside avenue to reach her goals. She was willing to try something new and liked this new opportunity of mediation when it was presented to her. A CMH provider referred Leslie to MBHMS, a free, confidential, self-determined conflict-resolution option that saves time, money, and stress for CMH staff, providers, and clients.

Leslie called MBHMS and learned that because she is a CMH participant, she is eligible to work with MBHMS. She was referred to her local Community Dispute Resolution Center who worked with her and set up the mediation on the agreed upon date and time.

The Community Dispute Resolution Center staff member then worked with Leslie through the intake process. To begin, the staff member listened to Leslie’s concerns. This helped build a relationship and Leslie felt as though she was being heard. She gained more trust and confidence after learning it’s a confidential process.

Following the initial meeting, the mediation was scheduled. During the introduction, the mediator built trust and an open environment for confidential conversation. Meeting face to face, Leslie could see that the individuals at CMH were listening, which was extremely helpful and empowering. Through the mediation process, CMH realized there was miscommunication with Leslie, and they are going to work with her on a plan moving forward.

During the 45-minute mediation session the key element of mediation, which is negotiations, resulted in a partial agreement. All parties will be returning to mediation at a later date to reach a final agreement.

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